Come Follow Me

The GNCC Adult Education Class is currently studying a video and discussing a series called Not A Fan. The series challenges us to consider what it really means to call yourself a Christian.  We are invited to take an honest look at our relationship with Jesus.  We look at various situations and try to determine if the person in the story is a fan or a follower.

If nothing else, this series has me thinking about what it means to follow Jesus.  To follow refers to a living faith in God, which is an unreserved (unconditional) surrender of your will to God in full love and obedience to Him, yielding to His purposes. It is seeing Christ as worthy of your full trust and confidence and following in His example. It is allowing God to rule in your heart.

In Matthew 15:8, Christ made a distinction between professing with your mouth and living with your heart. Until we die to our worldly way, there is no real conversion, no newness of life, no new creature, or authentic witness.  It is by our inner changes of the various aspects of our being that we grow in Christ which in turn allows others to see Christ in us.

It is the Christ in you that helps you to invite others to join us in life changing experiences and to lead a more enriched life.

Who in your life would like to have a better life?  I challenge you to bring them to church where their transformation can begin.

May God Bless you and your efforts.

Alan Petefish

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