Choosing Sides

We always choose sides. We may say we are Cardinal fans or Cubs fans and that defines where our loyalties belong. If our children are fighting over toys or something else, we always choose sides. No matter how much we think we are staying neutral, we concern ourselves with fairness for both but one is usually more in the right than the other. We choose sides in family squabbles, in church disputes, in sports contests, and in school support. Jesus makes it clear that we also need to choose him. In Luke 9:50 Jesus is talking to his disciples and says, “Anyone who is not against you is for you.” That represents a choice. Whether we make it consciously or unconsciously it is still a choice. He clarifies this in Luke 11:23. “Anyone who isn’t helping me is opposing me and anyone who is not working with me is working against me.” We have choices to make on a daily basis. Even if we decide not to choose, we have already chosen. Our choice is clear when it comes to Jesus Christ. Choose wisely.

By:  Pastor Jack King


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