Advent is the beginning of the great marriage of heaven and earth. God’s heavenly Holy Spirit unites with a humble woman named Mary, a woman from earth whom God saw as fully worthy to give birth to his son.

This is also the season we seem to be most in tune with the material as we rush to purchase more items we don’t need; as our nation commercializes the season and ponders the mystery that poets try to capture.  God has seen fit to honor humanity with his presence.  It is the time God, himself, arrives on earth to wait in the womb to become the Prince of Peace.

It is a season of waiting and a time of paradoxes.  So, this first week of advent we wait for Christ’s arrival and we pray for peace. We wait for a time that we will turn our swords into plowshares and spears into sickles.  We look forward to the time the wolf lies with the lamb; the panther with the kid and the earthly with the heavenly.

It is the season we open ourselves up to the divinity to be reborn in our lives.  And, it is the perfect time to invite you unchurched friends to come to worship. It is one of the two big seasons where everyone’s hearts are drawn heavenward.  A time everyone with the hope for the hereafter is willing to attend a worship service.  This could be the time you have been waiting for; a time that Christ is born in the life of an unbeliever you have invited.  Let’s pray for many joyous arrivals.

By:  Alan Petefish