THE MISSION OF GOOD NEWS COMMUNITY CHURCH IS TO OBEY CHRIST BY…sharing the Gospel, transforming ever increasing numbers of the spiritually lost in our community into Christ followers, and building up ever increasing numbers of committed believers by providing opportunities for spiritual growth


September Prayer Concerns

Sarah Loranger – extreme pain from MS (daughter of Carole Hickman) ~ Karen Reynold Baker – heart issues (Nancy Spoth) ~ Doris Cernik – COVID -19 (Bob Imhof)~ Russ MacBride – COVID & pneumonia, in ICU & on ventilator (cousin of Debbie Hampton)~ Melissa Tucker (50) – stroke (Suzy Gravenmier) ~ Jimmy Pollk –  COVID- 19 (nephew of Linda Nanney) ~ Carol Thompson – breast cancer spreading to bones & liver (cousin of Linda Nanney) ~ Mary Kay Mills – leukemia (Barb Stotler) ~ Ben Jacobs (58) -father of 5 who had 4 heart attacks (nephew of Sandy Kossmann) ~ Barb Jackson –  healing from a compression fracture ~ Carolyn McDowell –  severely infected wound (Vickie Gibbs) ~ Lux Eder (5) – diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (daughter of Adam & Becky Eder) ~ Rita Pryor – blood cancer (Rob Pryor)~ Ron Prater – severe stroke (Bob Imhof) ~ Family of Robert “Popeye” Duren who passed away (father of Ronda Mitchell)~ Family of Joe Gibbar who passed away (brother of Virginia Brewer) ~ Lyle & Elaine Bryant – cancer (Bob Imhof)~ Family of Ralph Propst who passed away (father of Mike (Kaye) Propst)~ Family of Donald Conner who passed away – stepfather of Tony (Renee) Shinkle) ~ Family of Ken (Debbie) Carter who passed away on 7/14 ~ Brad Clark– infection ~ Carole Kohler – back surgery, 7/17 (mother of Jim Kohler) ~ Family of Gary Denbow (Lynnie) who passed away (father of Rachel Rowden) ~ Family of Jolie McFarland (13) who passed away (cousin of Dean McFarland & Denise Picarella) ~ Jeannie Baumgarter – major surgery (sister of Marie Needy-Kohler) ~ Jan Salvaggio – recovering from surgery ~ Family of Jim Cresswell  who passed away  (father of Debra Duncan) ~ Che Gordon & Midge Hammon – cancer (Faith Porter) ~ Deanna Holst – total knee replacement ~ Shruthi Reed – in rehab after surgery (Bob & Cathy Reed)

Military List:  Josie Miller – Air Force & Donavin Williams – Army (Julie Bell) ~ Dane Kavanaugh – Kuwait  ~ Amanda Templeton – Marine (niece of Bruce and Zoe Cooper) ~ Jacob Landrum – Honolulu, Hawaii (grandson of Don & Fran Gurlin) ~ Dylan Whitehead – Lackland AFB, TX (Bev Whitehead’s grandson) ~ Rob Hansen & Yvette Cabadas – Air Force, Germany (Bob & Tammy Hansen) ~ Kyle Darden – Army, Korea (Roger & Debbie Darden)

Missionaries:  Matt, Sarah & Sabina Boyer (Macedonia); Phil, Sarah, Audrey & Lydia Nickels (Tanzania); Carl, Maya, Selah, Théa, Zahra & Aaliah Gilles (Area Director for French speaking countries); Lester, Amanda Wyatt & children (Area Director of the Fotizo area); Ryan, Sarah, Micah, Eva, Abel & Esme Schmitz (Nicaragua); Sydney, Haeli, Boaz, & Shepherd Johnson (NC, USA)

September 13, 2020
Sermon Series:  Willing Heart
Today’s sermon:  Stephen
Acts 6:8-15
Associate Pastor Justin Metiva

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